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Mahnoush Babaei

Research Associate\Lecturer


mahnoushb at utexas dot edu

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I am a research associate/lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin. My research lies in the intersection of computational mechanics, bioinspired designs, and small-scale robotics. I am currently part of a Multidisciplinary Research Initiative (MURI), where I collaborate with research groups at the University of Washington to (1) understand the dynamics of a flapping wing of a Hawkmoth and its mechanosensory structure, and (2) design a bioinspired sensor for agile flight in UAVs. I received my Ph.D. in Computational Mechanics from Carnegie Mellon University, where I received the Jo and Neil Bushnell Fellowship Award for outstanding graduate students from the College of Engineering in 2016, and the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department in 2018.


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